Termine 2018 | Februar


Zu Gast im FORUM | Workshop | StAiR-Programm

Musical Temperament

Sa, 17.02., 15:00 Uhr, Saloon, Eintritt frei

What does it mean by "being in tune"? Being in tune in a modern Western sense doesn't necessarily mean that you are actually in tune in other contexts. Can the tuning system that our ears are used to, be a product of capitalistic, rationalistic and materialistic society that we live in?

Come and join us to learn about the history of musical tuning systems, and discuss what this means to our musical and non-musical cultures and societies today.

The workshop will be led by Reiko Yamada (composer and Styrian-artist-in-residence), who is composing for E-orgel at institut-fuer-kirchenmusik-und-orgel, an unique instrument which allows real time modifications of temperaments. The event will include some demonstrations and comments by the project collaborators, Barbara Lueneburg (violin), Aleksey Vylegzhanin (organ) and Christina Lederhaas (performance artist), and other musicians and non-musicians who are familiar with the topic.

Die StAiR-Stipendien und -Veranstaltungen werden ermöglicht durch das Land Steiermark.