Termine 2015 | Mai


Zu Gast im FORUM | Workshop, Tanz | The Lindy Cats

All Things Swing

Mo, 04.05., 21:30 Uhr, Saloon, Eintritt frei
weitere Termine im Mai: 11., 18.05.

Der Saloon wird zum Swing-Salon, in dem die Verhältnisse zum Tanzen gebracht werden, denn in der Praxis findet Veränderung statt... alles weitere unter


How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

Di, 05.05., 16:00 Uhr, Saloon, Eintritt frei

(c) Dace Sietina

Ein Workshop mit Dace Sietina (NL).

Training different ways of thinking may result in outcome of surprising design
• Chance thinking - let the coincidence be the dictator
• Shifting the thinking - relocate the point of view


What does your environment looks like if you take a good close up of things those surround you. We are going to do a visual research of your favourite objects. Afterwords this research will be turned into a unique graphic story.


Part 1
CHANCE thinking//questioning & experiment * time laps 2 1/2 h
Brainstorming is the most important component for all visual artists during their creation process. As a matter of fact brainstorm gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd and produce a unique design.
Also brainstorm is something you can always apply if you lack of inspiration. During this particular brainstorm session we are going into the depth of your chosen subject. As a result thought expansion and development of distinctive signature will arise.
MATERIAL: Please take 2 of your most favourite objects with you.
A3 illustration paper - 3 sheets. A4 Sketchpad. B3/B4/B5/B6 pencils. Eraser.
Of your own choice: coloured pencils/markers/any of kind paint.

Part 2
SHIFTING the thinking// visual language & narrative * time laps 2 1/2 h
The following step is to create a unique narrative story. To produce a comic without words can be challenging even for the most experienced artists. Applying your visual language/signature while creating a comic story is the core of a favourable outcome. Of course we are also going to learn how to break the rules of classic comic layouts. During this part of the workshop you are going to shape and mould your very own comic story, including the narrative.
MATERIAL: A3 illustration paper - 2 sheets. A4 Sketchpad. B3/B4/B5/B6 pencils. Eraser.
Of your own choice: coloured pencils/markers/any of kind paint.
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