Ausschreibung: Programmforum Forum Stadtpark

From mid-2024, we will be an open position in the interdisciplinary team of the Program Forum. The Program Forum is responsible for the artistic program at FORUM STADTPARK. It consists of people from different fields within the arts and/or science and currently meets approximately twice a month.
We are looking for:

  • A person with experience / expertise / prevoius work in one of the following areas: visual arts, photography, media art, film, stage design, fine arts, design, interdisciplinary approaches and related art forms
  • The fields of literature, music, discourse, performance, city & space as well as a curator for visual arts are already represented in the team, therefore applications from artist in the above-mentioned fields are preferred.

We expect:

  • A passion for interdisciplinary and collective work processes
  • Experience in the implementation/curation of projects - in terms of concept, budget, application and practical implementation/construction - is an advantage
  • Members of the Program Forum should have an interest in dealing with political/social issues
  • Artistic experiments, unusual ideas and experiments are particularly welcome
  • German language skills for communication within the team
  • Ability to work in a team
  • independence
  • Reliability
  • At least a partial location in Graz is a expected (center of life or residence)
    We offer:
  • Joint development of the annual program of FORUM STADTPARK as well as development of the institution
  • A budget for the realisation of an artistic program at FORUM STADTPARK in the amount of currently EUR 9000,-- per year at your free disposal (including payment of your own professional fees)
  • Additional expense allowances for meetings and professional retreats as well as for the organizational work of around EUR 2900,-- per year
  • In addition, participation in interdisciplinary projects in cooperation with the other members of the Program Forum (payment according to participation)
  • Use of the premises and resources of the FORUM STADTPARK

We strive to create an appreciative, open and enabling climate. At the same time, we are aware of the problems of precarious working conditions in the cultural sector and want to counteract the dynamics of (self-)exploitation to the best of our ability. For these reasons, FORUM STADTPARK is committed to improving the remuneration of cultural workers as part of the Fair Pay Initiative.

We welcome applications from people from a wide range of backgrounds, with or without disabilities, with different sexual orientation, gender identity, origin, language or culture, ethnicity, religion, ideology as well as different ages, lifestyles and social status!


If you are interested, please contact vorstand@forumstadtpark.at by 19.02. 2024 with a CV, a description of your previous work and a short letter of motivation.

Meetings to get to know each other will take place on 01.03. (in the morning) and 05.03. at FORUM STADTPARK. A more in-depth meeting is planned on 13.03. (afternoon) with the other members of the program forum.

Ausschreibung: Programmforum Forum Stadtpark

Weitere Infos | Ausschreibung im FORUM STADTPARK
Bis 19.02. 2024

The people in the Program Forum have a budget at their disposal with which they can conceive, curate and implement an annual artistic program in the FORUM STADTPARK according to their own ideas. This is an opportunity to set an accent in the cultural landscape of the city and can be done along the lines of an artistic category/scene or in the sense of a different focus.
On the other hand, members of Program Forum take part in the transdisciplinary projects of the house together with the other members, shaping them from the idea to the performance. In addition, programmatic decisions on content, themes and formats as well as requests for guest events and collaborations are made in this committee. Expenses are reimbursed for meetings and the annual, multi-day retreats. The curatorial and artistic work is remunerated via fees and is largely subject to its own budget.

The position in the Program Forum is available from around mid/end of June 2024. The year 2024 is intended for planning and settling into the team, participation in the meetings and retreats in this year is expected. Your own program will then begin at the start of 2025.

The Program Forum is a committee of the FORUM STADTPARK association. The specific position is a co-optation of a function from a retiring member. In 2025, the position will be elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting for a term of two years. Re-election is possible a maximum of three times. Membership of the FORUM STADTPARK association is encouraged. (We know this sounds a bit complicated, we will be happy to explain it again in the introductory meeting).