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Nebel statt Krise

Claudia Gerhäusser, Clara Wildberger

Eine Installation von Claudia Gerhäusser und Clara Wildberger am 30.10.2021
Fotografische Beiträge: Sebastian Reiser, Johanna Lamprecht, Clara Wildberger und Claudia Gerhäusser
Sound: Reza Kellner
Dokumentation: Peter Hutter, Elisabeth Jagl, Marta Navaridas, Reza Kellner

104 Seiten, 110 Exemplare
ISBN: 978-3-901109-77-5

These are fundamental questions about capturing ephemeral, transient and performative events, which the editors explore with three other photographers and a sound artist in the six picture essays Nebel statt Krise. The starting point for the photographic observations is the phenomenon of fog, which in meteorological terms consists of water droplets close to the ground in the earth's atmosphere. As a metaphor, fog stands for transience; as a feeling, it conveys uncertainty, disorientation and at the same time unpredictability, which can just as well be described as "anything is possible". The book curiously searches for ways to visualise fog and its transformative, affirmative power by turning the Forum Stadtpark into a recurring constant as a place of action. Various haptic experiences of fog are taken up by six different types of paper and the silvery matt reflective cover of the book.
The six individual photo series are effective and were created as a joint effort. They are based on the 16-hour multimedia installation Nebel statt Krise, which was realised by Claudia Gerhäusser and Clara Wildberger at the artist's foundation Forum Stadtpark in October 2021.

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