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20 Years Cooks of Grind

Cooks of Grind

21 x 21 cm, 88 Pages, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-901109-64-5

The Cooks of Grind are a men's cooking club. A collective of bad boys. Twelve in number (please, no christological interpretation attempts!). Who knows them, knows: they're not really, really bad - if, then just a little bit. But they do have dirty thoughts, impish wit, a big heart for art, as well as provocation, an almost unstoppable joy in experimenting (paired with a pronounced longing to break taboos) and a flow of creativity that has to be steered into channels - and all that for twenty years by now!
A better reason for a book can probably hardly be found.

Texts: Wolfgang Oeggl, Martin Behr, Uwe Gallaun, Roman Klug, Cooks of Grind

Photos: Otmar Lichtenwörther, Erwin Stefanie Posarnig, OchoReSotto, Cooks of Grind, Michael Sladek, Karin Lernbeiß, Sophie Ederer

For Giovanni Plos

€ 20