Fine Arts

Program of the Section of Visual Arts 2023:

Exhibition: Elke Auer, Leaking Vessels
15.06. - 14.07.2023

Group exhibition: No hope - no fear
17.11. 2023 - beginning 2024

Discourse event ECHORAUM:
14.02.: Kunst & CO2
18.04.: dokumentieren
20.06.: Leaking Vessels
28.11.: art & powerlessness

and several book presentations

curated by Markus Waitschacher,
ECHORAUM together with Anna Döcker

Fine Arts


Fine Arts


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Curator, art educator and cultural anthropologist. Curates site-specific and site-sensitive exhibitions and enjoys discussing art. Since 2013 he has been working in the education department at the Universalmuseum Joanneum. In free projects he explores the city of Graz collectively and artistically-scientifically. He works with Birgit Kulterer on the collection of the city of Graz. (Photo: Alfred Lenz)

Markus Waitschacher
Spartenbeauftragter Bildende Kunst

Markus Waitschacher