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The un(der)conscious in Graz

Markus Gönitzer, Lidija Krienzer-Radojević

A brochure for resistant city walks

Published 2021
Illustrations: Elisabeth Pressl
Graphic design: Martin Kollmann
Print: Risofort
Riso printing with Federal Blue & Melon, Fedrigoni Arena Natural Rough 120g
1st edition 2021 - 200 Stk.
ISBN: 978-3-901109-74-4

Lidija Krienzer-Radojević and Markus Gönitzer have designed a city walk in 2019 to strengthen the memory of historical and current social protests in the city and to honor their actors. The walk leads to historical sites of repressed, left-wing resistance. The historical events of the respective stations are being mirrored, questioned and interpreted through the lens of the Marxist, peace fighter and theorist Rosa Luxemburg. The goal of this examination is not to perpetuate old myths, but to reflect and critically inherit the past.

While the walks were suspended in 2020, the two initiators developed an accompanying brochure placing the past and current struggles in Graz in the context of enduring resistance against capitalist dominance and patriarchy.

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