Forum with a System

Forum with a System is a new edition of the performance track of FORUM STADTPARK.
The audience comes to Forum Stadtpark and is sent on an audio-visual walk by an audio guide.

Forum mit System is a self-proclaimed system.

First edition of th series is planned for October 2021.

The project is dedicated to searching for system-relevant opinions and thoughts. Research is at the heart of the project and invites experts from different professions to become part of a common work. Everything is used and nothing is wasted. Forum with System does not exclude. It imports. The project asks itself questions like: How do we think, build, create our systems? Where do we fail in our system and where does the system fail?

In the first edition, desire and labour law are at the centre of the system. Therefore, the performance track of Forum Stadtpark invites lawyer Raimund Hofmann and musician Josef Klammer from Graz to provide contributions, works and interviews for the first issue and to be part of the research process.

Concept: Victoria Fux, Philipp Streicher
Audio direction: Victoria Fux
Outside Eye: Miriam Schmid
Composition and sound design: Philipp Streicher
Sound support: Josef Klammer
Legal advice: Raimund Hofmann

in cooperation with the law firm Hofmann und Krammerle

Forum with a System


Forum with a System