Security revisited

Security is one of the central concepts in conservative rightwing discourses: it is used to justify racist and authoritarian methods of governance as well as austerity politics. Leftwing positions are, in turn, generally very critical of the term and associate it with militarization, surveillance, and exclusion. Yet, the uncertainty associated with precarious living conditions and grim prospects for the future that is currently being experienced calls for new perspectives on the question of security—perspectives that should be embedded in the context of shared care and transnational solidarity.

The Section for Social Politics and the Section for Architecture at the Forum Stadtpark have invited critical and emancipatory positions on six occasions so as to question prevailing discourses on security and discuss alternative forms of communal living. A common focus of the series encompasses critical infrastructures such as data and supply networks, disaster management facilities, and emergency shelters, as well as institutions that enable caring interaction, a shared use of critical resources, and distributed responsibilities and vulnerabilities in a more-than-human society.

Always on Wednesday, 7 p.m.:
20.04. Commoning Care: For a Mindful Economics with Manuela Zechner

11.05. Designing Climate Security with Lydia Kallipoliti and Friedrich von Borries

15.06. Caring Ecology: For a Just and Sustainable Society with Alina Brad

13.07. Security in Uncertainty: About Speculative Objects and Communities with Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou and James Auger

14.09. A Caring Migration Society: For Solidarity as a Way of Living with Gabu Heindl
12.10. Fundamental Security and Mutual Care: On the Design of Refugee Camps and Emergency Shelters with Malkit Shoshan (invited) and Andrew Herscher (invited)

Curated by Sara T. Huber and Ana Jeinić

Security revisited


Security revisited