Concert 17.11.23, 20:00 Saloon Entry: Free

Der singende Bronco

Café End Times #1


In a nostalgic setting reminiscent of a cabaret, apocalyptic drinks are served as different performers cast a melancholy and critical gaze on the fading present-day and future worlds that will no longer come to be. Unfettered lamenting, ironic distance, and a reflexive take on prevailing narratives are here tested out as strategies to deal with Ohnmacht in a convivial setting.

On the first evening, Clemens Stöttinger alias Der singende Bronco cries out his lungs with melancholy “Schlager” music.
On December 9th, Paula Irmschler reads anecdotes about antifascism, the strange shape subculture can take, and the permanent frustration of feminists in East Germany. In the new year, Monika Klengel takes the form of an ape to ask herself why the climate crisis simply does not make a good story – and why that is a problem.

Lamenting about Ohnmacht is a bittersweet item on the menu at Café End Times – and the three performers offer this service as a heady brew. Expect evenings as drawn-out as a long black Viennese coffee with too much cream on top.

Further events:
9/12/2023, 8 pm with Paula Irmschler
17/–20/1/2024, 8 pm each evening with Monika Klengel

Café End Times with Monika Klengel in cooperation with Theater im Bahnhof
Curated by Markus Gönitzer, Robin Klengel and Miriam Schmid

Café End Times #1