Concert 13.10.22, 9 p.m. Forum Keller Entry: freiwillige Spende / voluntary donation 3-33€


Tanja Feichtmair


The Upper Austrian alto saxophonist Tanja Feichtmair has already made a name for herself in several Austrian as well as international formations (Lull, Müjazz, Feichtmair/Turner Duo, Trio Now, Trio with Gino Robair and Damon Smith, Quartet with Frank Gratkowksi, Peter Herbert and Christian Lillinger among others). For several years, her main interest was in solo work, which resulted in the acclaimed album Kaman Wasi, for which she also received a music arts promotion grant. Feichtmair's playing is characterized by her free approach to music, away from common conventions, and reflects both the developments of American-style free jazz playing and the reduced timbre aesthetics of European origin.

Concerts in absolute darkness: already successfully established, this series are dedicated to presentation of experimental musical content with the aim of intensifying the physical experience. Darkroom offers a challenge and a special experience for the audience as well as for the musicians, who usually prepare a special composition for the evening.
Until the Corona crisis, the Darkroom was a fixed part of the Forum Stadtpark's music program. In the newly renovated cellar, the darkroom series will also be resumed.

Dates 2022:
November 10, Vincent Pongracz
December 8, Martin Brandlmayr

Always on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Tanja Feichtmair