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Hailing from Brazil and now residing in Bristol, GUS brings a heavy and authentic sound that pays tribute to his Brazilian origins. He is a resident at Noods Radio (UK) and Radio Raheem (IT), where he brings the sounds of baile funk and its endless sub-genres to the forefront of the European club scene. Expect a whole arsenal of booty-shaking goods and seismic levels of bass! Not made for stiff hips.

Julia Caballera has co-founded SoundMarie, the first female DJ collective in Graz (Austria) in 2014. Today she is djing as member of the I'm in Love with-collective (IILW) and sharing her experience with other girls and women through Djing workshops. Caballera's name already reveals it: She feels at home, where there is rhythm. Her sets know
no genre boundaries. Everything that gets your legs and heart moving ends up on the decks.

Blyskawica & Gasolina are part of the Grrrls collective. The twin sisters, who originally come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and have now moved to Graz and Vienna, look for smooth transitions from New Club to Jazz, Bass, and anything else they can agree on in their DJ sets.

Seit 2023 übernimmt das Team bestehend aus den Musiker:innen, Veranstalter:innen und DJs Milès Borghese, Olgica Perić und Lain Iwakura die Gestaltung des Musikprogramms und die Bespielung des Kellers im Forum Stadtpark.
Der Forum Klub ist ihre neue Clubbing-Reihe im Forum Keller. Watch this space!

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