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Tint Journal

Writing Meet-up


Registration is mandatory for each meet-up at info@tintjournal.com
Our writing meet-ups are free of charge for Tint members. To become a member of Tint or inquire about member benefits, e-mail us at info@tintjournal.com.

If you want to test the waters before becoming a member, we'd ask you to contribute to our expenses with 1€ for this online writing meet-up.

Also, we are monitoring the Covid-19 situation, and will inform you in time about possible changes.
We're looking forward to writing with you!


  • We usually begin our writing meet-ups with a free writing session. If this is your first writing meet-up, please get in touch at info@tintjournal.com, so we can inform you about what we did last time as we might follow up on previous activities.
  • Discussion of free writing texts
  • Workshop: We either discuss a literary text (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, ...) brought along by a participant, or the texts that we just created in the free writing session into more detail, or do some writing exercises.
    If you want to discuss a text (max. 3 A4 pages) with the group at a meet-up, please send the text to info@tintjournal.com on the day before the meeting by 8 PM latest. This text will be shared with the group and you will receive constructive feedback.
    Additionally, we will also provide tips and tricks on how to give and receive feedback, and on literary writing in general.


Writing Meet-up