Book presentation 12.10.22, 7 p.m. Saloon Entry: Free

Andrew Herscher, Malkit Shoshan

Fundamental Security and Mutual Care

Forum Stadtpark – Center for Security Security revisited

On the Design of Refugee Camps and Emergency Shelters

The final event in the discourse series Security Revisited is dedicated to the notions of security and care in the context of migration policy, “humanitarian” interventions, and the provision of emergency shelters. The questions to be addressed include: How is the discourse on security constructed in relation to forced migration? Whose security and what form of protection are actually at stake? How are refugee camps designed, maintained, and managed? And, finally, what forms of spatial practice offer alternative approaches to the question of forced migration by promoting shared care and solidarity with and among the displaced?

Hybrid event in physical space with online participation of invited speakers

Lectures in English

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The insecurity currently being experienced calls for new interpretations that differ from the conservative discourse on security as well as from a defensive, a priori rejection of the very notion of security on the part of contemporary left. This ubiquitous sense of insecurity, which has been brought about by precarious living conditions and grim prospects for the future, shall be embedded in the context of shared care and transnational solidarity. In the framework of the lecture series Security Revisited, the Section for Architecture and the Section for Social Politics at the Forum Stadtpark have invited critical and emancipatory positions to discuss infrastructures of (in)security and outline possibilities for a new politics of care.

Curated by Sara T. Huber and Ana Jeinić

Fundamental Security and Mutual Care


Fundamental Security and Mutual Care

Andrew Herscher, Malkit Shoshan

Andrew Herscher’s work endeavors to bring the study of architecture to bear on struggles for rights, justice, and democracy across a range of global sites. His books include Violence Taking Place: The Architecture of the Kosovo Conflict (2010), The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit (2012), Displacements: Architecture and Refugee (2017), and The Global Shelter Imaginary: IKEA Humanitarianism and Rightless Relief (co-authored with Daniel Bertrand Monk, 2021). He is the co-founder of a series of militant research collaboratives, including the We the People of Detroit Community Research Collective, Detroit Resists, and the Settler Colonial City Project, and he works at the University of Michigan.

Malkit Shoshan is an architect, researcher, writer, founder of the architectural think-tank FAST (the Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory) as well as design critic at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Her work explores and highlights the relations between architecture, politics, and human rights. In 2016, she curated the Dutch Pavilion for The Venice Architecture Biennale. Her publications include Atlas of the Conflict, Israel-Palestine (2010), Village. One Land Two Systems and Platform Paradise (coauthored wiht Maurizio Bortolotti in 2014), and BLUE: Architecture of UN Peacekeeping Missions (2018).