Concert 01.02.24, 20:00 - 02:00 Entry: Freiwillige Spende€

CMKK in concert

FORUM STADTPARK is kicking off February with a concert: the group CMKK will be playing.

cmkk.iem is an autonomous student community rooted in the study and practice of computer music and sound art at IEM Graz. Its central event series is "CMKK NACHT: Night of Electronic Music".


Texas Houston
Martin Simpson
Veronika Mayer
Peter Stiegler
Tommaso Settimi
Winfried Ritsch
Fellippe M. Martins
Fu Tian
Lain Iwakura
Ⓡoma & martins
Max Reiner

DJ Set:
Zlata b2b Ⓡoma

[experimental, ambient, drone, scream, rap, idm, folk, hardcore, live coding, noise&pop]

CMKK in concert