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Eclectic Loops Website Release-Party


22:30-00:30 Jade Anima
00:30-02:00 Pony M
02:00-04:00 Karo-4
04:00-06:00 Cat Gadget

Eclectic Loops is a platform that serves as a digital index for various FINTA✺ DJs via website, without having to belong to an existing DJ collective. This platform offers a place for networking and exchange. The acronym FINTA✺ stands for women, inter-people, non-binary, trans, agender people and all those who are marginalised in our patriarchal majority society and do not find themselves in any letter.

There are still very few FINTA✺ people on stage in Graz, especially in the DJ scene. The Eclectic Loops platform wants to change that! The website not only aims to create visibility for underrepresented groups, but also a community. It also organises regular events, workshops and DJ nights. This will not only create networking opportunities, but also a space for newcomers. This will increase the proportion of FINTA* people in the DJ scene in the long term.

To celebrate the official release of the website, we are inviting various FINTA✺ DJs from the Graz scene - it's going to be wild, colourful and loud!

Eclectic Loops Website Release-Party

About the artists

Eclectic Loops Website Release-Party

Eclectic Loops | Forum Stadtpark
Halle of Beef

Jade Anima
Dirty Girly Rave Swirly - That's what Jade calls her own mixture of 90s pianos, acid basslines, funk, disco, sunshine and a finale that usually ends in the stars. Rave sound inspired by the UK rave scene of the 90s: house, acid, breakbeat, jungle and techno come together to make the dance floor shake as if you were in a London warehouse.

Pony M
PONY M (FLAUSCH/Grrrls) is broadly based, even when it comes to her sound. From sexy electro/pop and emancipated hip hop tunes to harder and faster techno. Playful, fun and badass at the same time, PONY's post-genre-verse is based on the idea of queer*feminist empowerment.

Karo-4 does not want to and cannot put their own work into words. At the centre of every set is always the creative exploration of music, body and self - both for the audience and for the musician herself.

Cat Gadget (Grrrrls DJ Crew)
Cat Gadget explores electronic music of the last decades. The Graz-based DJ is part of the Grrrls DJ Crew. Cat Gadget's vinyl sets cannot be reduced to one genre, but are often characterised by Italo sounds, driving EBM beats or spherical synth sounds.