Concert 24.07.22, 8PM Main room Entry: Free

Ensemble Coincidence


Guest production

Ensemble Coincidence is a Graz-based contemporary music and performance collective founded in 2021 by graduates of the internationally renowned Klangforum Wien. Ensemble Coincidence consists of a group of young and versatile musicians from 10 different nations, specialized in contemporary music. The goal of the ensemble is to experiment, play, and push the boundaries of the traditional concert experience, as well as to address issues of social justice and responsibility in artistic practice.

The ensemble excels at creating and deploying concept-based programs built around a concept or idea. To achieve this, performative and theatrical elements such as movement, text, voice, or scene are incorporated. These flexible and unusual frameworks allow the artists and audience to share a concert experience that engages the audience in a new format. A musical unity instead of a fragmented performance is created.

The members of Ensemble Coincidence want to offer a new approach to the contemporary scene in Graz, Styria and Austria with originality, but also with responsibility and quality. To this end, they experiment and collaborate with experts in the fields of performance, improvisation and classical contemporary music. The members of Ensemble Coincidence work and perform with Klangforum Wien as well as with composers, performers and conductors such as Peter Ablinger, Lucas Vis, Uli Fussenegger, Patrick Hahn, Yalda Zamani and others.
They have performed at the Impuls Festival and at the University of Graz, among others, and will also be featured at Wien Modern 2021 with the project Logothetis 100.2.

Another goal of the ensemble is to support young composers working with performative music by working together and performing their pieces.