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Saud, Kessel Vale, Farr B2B Olgica

Forum Klub

Forum Club

SAUD colors the vitalist legacy of hardcore continuum's breakbeat patterns with contemporary, iridescent gradients, gravitating towards a regenerated form of rhythmic
psychedelia. Alongside Dorian Fuk, he is the founder of Belgrade's future-oriented rave platform Sutra Club.

Since his Boiler Room in 2019, SAUD has positioned himself as the foremost forward-thinking dj of
Belgrade scene; specializing in multicolour hypersonics laid across divergent rhythms and tempi,
never losing the grip on dynamics and physicality. Besides running the club night, during the last year he played in NYC, Berlin, France, Belgium, Norway, Czechia, Beirut, Istanbul, and all around the Balkans.

Finally, in late 2023 together with artist friends he opened a new venue in New Belgrade, KC ŽIVA.

Farr is an artist and DJ, who co-hosts the "Euphoria" club nights in Vienna. He started as a drummer in funk and soul bands until he made a name for himself as a producer and DJ.

Rhythmically complex, with an unerring intuition for sound design, his deep sonic palette is informed by the UK bass spectrum, while at the same time influenced by more experimental strands like ambient and IDM.

Olgica from Serbia is a dancer, choreographer and DJ who has been active in the performance and music scene for years. She is working on creating new concepts and event formats in Graz.

Next to her own musical career, she is part of FORUM STADTPARK's music team and is thereby responsible for organising various events throughout the year.

Kessel Vale is the alias of Graz-based producer and DJ Dominik Lekavski. He released music on labels such as Molten Moods, Rhythm Nation, and RFR Records. Formerly
a resident DJ at MMA Munich, he now frequently plays at clubs like Blitz Club.
In collaboration with Sarmabot, he hosts the monthly radio show "Znoj FM" on @radio80000. Additionally, as part of "Interlude," he co-curates and organizes events in Graz.

Forum Klub Dates of 2024:

January 26
March 22
May 17
June 29

Since 2023, the team consisting of the musicians, organizers and DJs Milès Borghese, Olgica Perić and Lain Iwakura have been responsible for the music program and the cellar in the Forum Stadtpark.
The Forum Klub is their new clubbing series in the Forum Keller. Watch this space!

Forum Klub