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With Ticcofeo, DY Hybris & shaccø

Forum Club #3

Forum Club

Ticcofeo is an artist from Tbilisi, Georgia currently based in Graz. The underground scene of Tbilisi was always her inspiration, which accompanied her to Graz and excited to share.
She is experimenting with various genres of music featuring driving, groovy and fast paced rhythms.

DJ Hybris
DJ Hybris is an artist blending a range of genres including House, Bass,Techno andJungle. He has been active in the industry since 2013not only as a DJ, but also asfounder of the club night “Non Redundance”in Salzburg, aiming to provide a space where the music can be as diverse as the crowd enjoying it. He is alsothe co-founder of “Euphoria” a Viennese event series that has been gaining attention in the club scenefocusing on 90ies UK-rave vibes and music.

shaccø is a Graz based techno DJ. As part of the Ultra Flair collective and the event series called subpolar, he is interested in a rave culture far away from commercialism and constraints, which has its home in autonomous spaces and continues to grow beyond their walls. The selection of his Tracks is characterized by hypnotic clean synths, atmospheric sounds, groovy percussion and raw heavy hitting cuts. He loves to begin his sets with deeper and more minimalistic tracks and steadily work his way up to groovier and bouncier Sounds. Recently, he started to make his own Music and constantly tries to improve his skills when it comes to producing and finding his own sound.

As of 2023, the new team of musicians, organizers and DJs Milès Borghese, Olgica Perić and Lain Iwakura will be in charge of the music program in Forum Stadtpark. In February they launched Forum Klub - the new clubbing series in Forum Keller. Watch this space!

Forum Club #3