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Yunis & Maltin Worf

Guest production

YUNIS || 20/20 | Neosignal | Yuku || DE
Maltin Worf || Defrostatica || DE
alllone || Potentfunk | DUZZ DOWN SAN | GreyNote || AT/DE
d:enigma || VALE | GreyNote || AT
Pulp Kitchen || GreyNote || AT

20/20 | Neosignal | Yuku || DE
The sound of YUNIS is dynamic and intricate, but always bringing a full vibe that's capable of moving dancefloors and fuelling the imagination alike. Emanating a dark, multi-ethnic sonic pallette, he's not easily pigeon-holed due to his constant explorations across a vast landscape of multi-genre sonics. From sublime trap, to heavy juke, grimey bangers and halfstep that's sometimes hard-hitting, other times full of groove. His tracks have been showcased in a wide variety of respected portals from Noisia Radio, BBC Radio 1, Run the Trap, Indie Mag, YourEDM and many more.

Defrostatica || DE
Maltin Worf is a B-boy at heart with roots in HipHop and Rap. Inspired by Madlib and J Dilla he started flexing his production skills in online beat battles, exploring Glitch and wonky Beats. In 2014 after a mind-expanding trip he started experimenting with Juke and Jungle Breakbeats. He already released music on Defrostatica, Former City Records, Sequel One Records and Spur 1 - Music.

Yunis & Maltin Worf