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AXT (Motsion, UA/CZ)
Zlata B2B ®oma

Be mindful or stay out!

At parties we want to have fun and feel safe. To make this happen, we are all responsible. We therefore ask you to be mindful of each other and to respect any boundaries of all fellow party-goers.

Only yes means yes!

Act according to the principle of consensus! This means: actions and conversations only take place if both agree. Make sure that the other person clearly signals that he or she wants to interact with you!

Unfortunately, there are always situations in which people no longer have fun and no longer feel safe. Therefore, we want to create the conditions that help these people. The most important thing is that we (everyone at the party) see ourselves as a community and support each other.

Take care of each other!

If you should observe a border crossing (physical, but also verbal!) or that a person is obviously feeling bad, it is best to ask, offer your support to the person concerned and contact the bar staff if necessary.

If you feel uncomfortable, threatened or harassed, please contact the bar staff. We have the power of definition. This means that decisions will be made according to your needs, so that you can (hopefully) feel comfortable again at the party. This also includes the kicking out of an assaultive or discriminating person.

No to sexist and discriminatory behavior and attitudes!

There is no place for racist, anti-Semitic, sexist, homophobic/transphobic or other violent or discriminatory behavior here.