Workshop 26.02.22 - 27.02.22, 1PM Saloon Entry: Free (Register for event)

Seijiro Murayama

Improvisation Workshop

Different exercises (concerning how to control sounds and how to use space, sounds-silence, objects, etc.) to develop one’s perceptions in dynamic situations.

The workshop is open to everyone.

Seijiro Murayama is a co-author of the book „idioms and idiots”:
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„I personally develop the reflections on improvisation from its non-idiomatic side. I learned a lot by teaching mathematics in Japan for many years, without knowing what it is.”
(Seijiro Murayama)

Saturday: 1-5PM
Sunday: 1-6PM

There is a VERY limited number of people who can participate. The 3 !nterpenetration slots have already been taken so please contact Forum Stadtpark if you are interested:


Seijiro would like you to send him some info about yourself and your motivation for improvisation.

On Monday, February 28, Seijiro will also be the special guest at Forum Stadtpark’s GIK.

Improvisation Workshop