Musiktheaterprojekt 24.07.23 - 26.07.23, 21:00, 24.7. | 21.00, 25.7. | 21.30, 26.7. Entry: 16 € / 11 € / 6€


Club-Cafe Forum

Guest production

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Daniel Agi: flute
Heni Hyunjung Kim: clarinet
Jae A Shin: violin
Niklas Seidl: cello

Guided by ideas of intensity, flow, movement and spatiality, Club-Cafe Forum is a music theatre project that exploress the architecture and history of Forum Stadtpark and its predecessor, the Conrad Wirth Cafe im Stadtpark. On three consecutive evenings, it transforms the entire building into a stage. Furthermore, Club-Cafe Forum offers a bar as a hangout spot after each performance in the cellar of Forum Stadtpark, as well as a Night Line Party with the Rosa Rauschen DJ-collective on July 26th.

The project features new works by Mauro Hertig, Georgia Koumará, Loïc Destremau and Julian Siffert, performed by Ensemble hand werk from Cologne, and commissioned by impuls.

“In-Situ/City”, a project developed within the Ulysses-Network and realised in Cities such as Milano, Hamburg, Paris, Utrecht, Oslo, Warsaw amongst others, is aimed at putting young artists squarely in the middle of various European social contexts and creating closer relationships with European citizens. The city – with all that it implies from a historical, cultural, political and social perspective – will be the focal point of these activities.

The City of Graz in specific enjoys a very strong tradition in the avantgarde after WW2, with Forum Stadtpark being an early center for artistic, scientific and political activities and confrontations already back in the late 50ies. Up to the very day it has not lost its significance in the arts (including also subcultural strands and interdisciplinary cultural work), but also as a sociopolitically active center being situated in the midths of the city park (populated by fringe groups, drug addicts and squatters and in the same breath being targeted by real estate developers and abolition-efforts of right wing parties).

In-Situ/Graz builds up on both the avantgarde, in the sense of the daring, experimental, trendsetting arts and its sociopolitical role.

With Mauro Hertig, Georgia Koumará, Loïc Destremau and Julian Siffert four composers were commissioned by impuls to set up a dramaturgically coherent concept including of course their newly created works for this occasion.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union within the Ulysses Network. In cooperation with Forum Stadtpark.

Club-Cafe Forum