06.05.23, 20:00 - 2:00 Forum Keller Entry: 13.50€

Shitney Beers & Johnny Batard


Guest production
  • 20:00 - doors open
  • 20:30 - begin with Johnny Batard
  • 21:30 - Shitney Beers

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With "This is Pop" Maxi Haug aka SHITNEY BEERS delivers her second album - and if you don't realize now that she is the real deal, you really can't help yourself. She can play songs as sad as the ones Phoebe Bridgers played on "Stranger In The Alps", but she can also shred like Bikini Kill on "Revolution Girl Style Now!

But the comparisons aren't really needed - couldn't pop music just be this awesome all the time? The self-confidence to turn the pop circus inside out is definitely there with Shitney: "This is Pop just bangs more, man. Much more awesome than the last one! It's a little sad, but other than that.... Best record 2022!" "This is Pop" will be released on 09.12.22 by Grand Hotel van Cleef & Zeitstrafe.
This is Pop is the second album by Shitney Beers. It was created in the famous city of Hamburg.
I have also been to Hamburg before. Shitney's first album, Welcome To Miami, was released in 2021 on Zeitstrafe, and before that there were four EPs on their own. Since then Shitney has stood on many and varied stages, played solo shows with guitar, capo and effect pedal and support shows with Swutscher, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Thees Uhlmann, Muff Potter and die Nerven, among others.

This is Pop: The album's twelve songs are a lot about failure.That one fails less, however, is in itself a concern of Shitney. That's why the album begins with a disclaimer, the Advice Song. Three hints, three laws. Lenni Kutzki, who does the artwork for the record, illustrates the song with the judge Barbara Salesch. She's back on TV, so watch out: if you don't follow Shitney's advice, you'll go behind bars, that's what the penal code wants. Everyone fails. Especially gods, and then usually big time. In Callisto, the goddess Artemis apologizes to the nymph Callisto. The latter was victim-blamed by her, then transformed into a bear and metamorphosed into the constellation of the Great Bear. Callisto is a Redemption Song.
On the way to a concert of Shitney Beers the stars of the Great Bear show you the way brightly and thankfully.

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