Concert 06.10.23, 19:00 - 00:00 Entry: 5 - 8€

Nueen, AUUF, Olgica

Interlude in Concert

Guest production

Interlude is back from its summer break!

Genres: Ambient, Experimental Rap , Electronic, Drill

Entry: 8 € | 5 € for students

Line up:
Nueen (Live) (Barcelona)

AUUF (Live )

Olgica (DJ Set)


Interlude in Concert

About the artists

Interlude in Concert

Short biographies and more

Nueen, aka Nacho Pezzati, is an Argentinian composer raised in Mallorca and based in Barcelona. His
sound drifts through a luminescent and recurring warm atmosphere, endlessly fluidic and delicate pads,
recombining rhythms where multiple temporalities are juxtaposed.
Over the years, Nueen has developed a highly personal style –profoundly intimate yet immediately giving
onto distant space-times. His dub-ambient embroiled sound has been released on labels such as Good
Morning Tapes, Quiet Time, Balmat and APPX:. He has recently finished the production of his latest record,
about to be released on 3XL, run by Special Guest DJ.

AUUF is an improvisation duo, which is centered around the concept of creating bridges between unfamiliar cultures through improvisation. By embracing differences and fostering collaboration between different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, the project promotes cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

Originally from Serbia, Graz based DJ, Olgica, has been exploring the music and performance playground, with her style and idea of delivering music constantly evolving.
Olgica’s sets are known for bassy left field tunes, often triggered by percussive and broken techno and spheric house, to ambient.
She is actively hosting event series in Graz and is a part of disko404 and Interlude.