Concert 07.06.22 - 08.06.22, 7PM Saloon Entry: Freiwillige Spende 5-15€

LaKT Ensemble


For the first time, LaKT Ensemble presents their little festival for dance and music in Graz: Coalescence.

Coalescence is a meeting place between composers, dancers-choreographers, musicians-improvisers and audiences.
In each event, three artists will meet and present their work created in a challenging time. Each of them will propose a concept or idea combining these two disciplines - music and dance - diluting the borders between them by the means of improvisation.

Every night we will experience how each artist is facing this challenge.
7th June
Anna Grenzner, Cello
Davide Coppola, composer
Núria Giménez, dancer
8th June
Bertl Mütter, trombone
Feliz Anne R. Macahis, composer
Johanna Nielson, dancer

After the performance there will be some time for sharing a drink and exchanging impressions with the artists and participants.