Performance 16.06.21, 20:00 Saloon Entry: Free

Zu Gast: Uwe Gallaun

Listening Session

Listening Session

Guest: Uwe Gallaun

born 1981, voitsberg, austria
montanuniversitaet leoben, polymer engineering,
masterschool of painting, graz
ortwein scholarship, gov. of styria, 2018
alfred schmeller award, 2019
member of the art collective cooks of grind
runs cooks records, kombüse graz
part of rostfest team
a.k.a. columbush
a.k.a. madame schlavatsky

The LISTENING SESSION format sees itself as a platform for interpersonal encounters and for making musical content accessible through the vehicle of celebrating shared consumption.

With host Patrick Wurzwallner as moderator, professional cultural figures present their personal listening biographies in an intimate setting and talk about their aesthetic views, motivations and personal context.

The resulting moment of collective attention and deceleration allows for a reflective yet deliberately light-hearted engagement with the personal and artistic content on offer and demonstrates the power of music as a consensual and socially cohesive art form.

In the worst case, one has learned something. In the best case - friendships for life.

Listening Session