Audio sculpture with live concert parts (24.10.) 05.10.23 - 24.10.23 public space/Forum Stadtpark Ground Floor (24.10.) Entry: Free

Josef Klammer & Seppo Gründler

AURICLE - Augmented Decision.

Guest production

Geo-Located-Audio-Allee from 5.10.2023 to 24.10.2023.

Opening: 5.10., 14.00-15.30 with Klammer&Gründler, meeting point Sonnenfelsplatz/Mensa - like this continuously until October 24.

Closing: 24.10., from 14.00 with several live concert parts, Forum Stadtpark.

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Continuing the concept of their "headphone concerts", Klammer&Gründler are developing a multi-stage project for the "open music" sub-series "hybrid music" in the form of a multi-layered and multi-part listening sculpture, which not only makes audio files listenable via smartphones, with or without headphones, at various positions in the urban space, but also links these to several live concert parts at Forum Stadtpark on October 24.

Stroll through AURICLE's geo-located audio avenue: from Sonnenfelsplatz across Zinzendorfgasse and cut through Glacisstraße before passing the Stadtparkbrunnen fountain to reach Forum Stadtpark. You can listen to this overture for 20 days at several spots via smartphones and thus expand your auditory perception as you wish.

The finale will take place on October 24 in the concert hall of the Forum Stadtpark, where Klammer&Gründler will perform live together with other sound sources.

The auricle, the outer ear, that cartilaginous, relief-like, visible part of the auditory apparatus that is largely responsible for locating sound sources, is also the focus of Klammer&Gründler's new concert concept. The two musicians use eight different auditory levels and sound sources to create an auditory sculpture. The audience can expand and shape their individual concert experience and the exhibition tour as they wish in the sense of an augmented decision - be it via geolocated audio spots before, or directly during the grand finale in the performance space of the Forum Stadtpark. The plucking of the guitar strings, the playing of the drums, the working sounds of electronic devices and the sounds from two loudspeakers with subwoofer can, for example, be extended at will by the sounds from the earpieces. The individual acoustic experience thus depends, among other things, on the position in the auditorium and the choice of output devices.

The focus of AURICLE is thus also on reception: how do the different acoustic emission sources affect the ear: ppp = physical, physiological and psychological. What influence do stage presence, visualization and what has been heard before have on the concert experience...?

The closed, limited space opens up to a listening sculpture.

A production of "open music" in the framework of ORF Musikprotokoll 2023, with the kind support of Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum Steiermark.

AURICLE - Augmented Decision.


AURICLE - Augmented Decision.

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Klammer&Gründler have been working as a duo in Graz for more than 40 years on the realization of their "New Improvised Electronic Music". This has resulted in, among other things, the world's first multilateral, telematic midi concert - Razionalnik, the first Austrian headphone concert for 100 headphones - Im Trockenraum, the data concert synchronized via television images - RGB, numerous stage music and radio productions as well as various sound installations.

Pinpoint hearing. Sound surgery on the open ear. Pulling wires. Finding and connecting. Leaving gaps. Filling and leaving. Falling in and out. To be able to be pure and to let be. Klammer&Gründler succeed in creating highly intelligent as well as lively sound sub-connectors from the exorcised spirits of good-humoredly stretched forms of electroacoustics and free digital improvisation as well as the ironic control of the controlling gesture of New Music. Their audio is thoughtful, precise, impulsive, small-scale, transgressive, and surprising. It has completely left behind all potential bleakness of pure concept acoustics and is constantly reinventing itself in a concentrated and radical way.
The duo's current live digital processing is more than ever designed for permanent interaction, modulation and restructuring. The Klammer-Gründler interface transforms its individual parts in real time, boils down the modules, condenses the parameters and disperses the variables.