Rundgang 04.06.24, 18:00 Entry: Free

Exhibition Tour

Habitat Graz & THE BOOTCAMP

A guided tour of the exhibition "How to become an island? THE BOOTCAMP" with the artists responsible from DTAFA and the curator Markus Waitschacher.

There is the opportunity to take part in two guided tours of the exhibition on this day: From 5 pm, the Graz Museum invites you to an exhibition tour through ‘Habitat Graz’. From there, those interested can continue directly to Forum Stadtpark for ‘THE BOOTCAMP’.

Opening: 10/5/2024
Visiting hours: 11/5–7/6/2024, Tues–Fr 2–6 pm

Part of aktuelle kunst in Graz, Galerientage 2024
Curated by Markus Waitschacher

Danube Transformation Agency for Agency
Instagram: @transformationagencyforagency

Habitat Graz & THE BOOTCAMP

About "Habitat Graz"

Habitat Graz & THE BOOTCAMP

Two exhibition tours on one day | Graz Museum, Forum Stadtpark

We invite you to a guided tour through the new exhibition ‘Habitat Graz. There will also be an opportunity to visit the new urban oasis in the inner courtyard of the Graz Museum. Afterwards, we will continue in the Forum Stadtpark with a guided tour of the exhibition ‘DTAFA: How to become an island? THE BOOTCAMP’.

Habitats unfold everywhere: in the city park, in the botanical garden or along the Mühlgang, in a cemetery, in cracked asphalt - perhaps even in a roof niche or on a window pane. Plants, animals and fungi have always lived in cities, whether hidden or visible, wanted or not.

We observe how cities become home and refuge for a multitude of creatures. They find the prerequisites for their survival, such as protection and food, in the urban environment. However, green infrastructures and intact urban micro-ecosystems are losing space with the densification of cities.

In this context, Habitat Graz is dedicated to Graz's urban ecologies: The perception that the city and each of us is part of the interwoven and complex biosphere seems just as necessary as taking responsibility for the earth as a habitat for all: a question of justice between species and collective survival.

Between art and urbanism, science and storytelling, the exhibition invites us human inhabitants to learn more about our non-human neighbours and their urban habitats. It uncovers old and new relationships and opens up spaces for urban research and co-creation. Habitat Graz shows and imagines a city in which ways of life and living spaces are connected, valued and cared for.

With artworks by:
Anaïs Horn, Andrea Acosta, Anita Fuchs, Barbara Schmid, Conrad Kreuzer, Environmental Performance Agency, ILA, Josef Kuwasseg, Livia Weindl, Lois Weinberger, Mandy Mozart, Marjetica Potrč, Markus Jeschaunig, Nicole Pruckermayr, Nobertine Bressler-Roth, Polonca Lovšin, Reni Hoffmüller, and the children of Volksschule Triester and Projektschule Graz.