Concerts + party 15.04.23, 21:00-3:00 Forum Keller Entry: Free Donation, ~10€

Sich in Ohnmacht tanzt

I dance myself into Ohnmacht

FORUM STADTPARK – Fortress Ohnmacht

The Ohnmacht Conference concludes with a party entitled Sich in Ohnmacht tanzt (I dance myself into Ohnmacht) with concerts between pop and harsh noise and a DJing programme that will do justice to the title of the evening.

Party and concerts with Brezel Göring, Nilu sowie b2b Billy Hash.


  • 21:00 – 22:00 Brezel Göring

  • Ab 22:00 – Dj Line mit: Nilu sowie b2b Billy Hash


Brezel Göring
Sincere, funny, sometimes ironic and perhaps a bit cynical: Psychoanalyse (Volume 2), the first solo album by Brezel Göring after Stereo Total rests on the record player as if it was resting on the psychoanalyst's sofa. A consistent album in its consequence after the last joint production with his work, life and love partner, the much too early deceased Françoise Cactus. Ten intimate songs that tell of the ups and downs of everyday life, touching and as brittle as life itself. Songs about social deviance, drugs, sexual psychopathology and the "gentle delusion". Delightful and full of wordplay, Brezel Göring assembles a gallery of pictures of comical characters - and in the "mirror cabinet" a touch of self-irony. (Total / Flirt 99)

Nilu is an activist and DJ living in Graz. Her sound is characterised by a colourful mix of different genres, where she fuses RnB & HipHop vocals with fast breaks & subs. Her motto on the dance floor is "My Hips don't lie" (Shakira, 2005).

Sowie and Berry Hash
Sowie and Berry Hash go together like sauerkraut and bread dumplings. Together they serve Graz an ear candy of sharp breaks and greasy bass. This time, the Forum Stadtpark will serve up a "Grenandiermarsch" of everything from techno to jungle.

I dance myself into Ohnmacht