Club 24.02.23, 23:00 Forum Keller Entry: 5€ < 00:00 > 8€

Ultra Flair

Guest production

For the first time in Forum Keller!


Our first year as a collective has been exciting and endlessly fun. And even though SUb will remain our beautiful home in the future, it's still time for us to try something different. Where better in Graz than at the Forum Stadtpark? Yes exactly, nowhere!

We are really happy that the Forum basement is alive again and that the club culture of Graz gets back an important place. How cool that we can be a part of it! We can't quite believe it ourselves yet, because we will be hosting four raves at the Forum in 2023.

Don't Panic it's Ultra Flair as the first prank on 24.2. is the continuation of what we have done so far: Packing the hard & acid techno sound + TEK from the Don't Panic collective together with fresh peaktime techno and hardgroove in one lineup.... So beware, it's gonna be fast and wild again!

As always, our awareness team will be there for you all night in case you're not feeling well, experience or observe sexism or other abusive behavior. We really care about this!!!

Ultra Flair