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BulBul, Macaque Revue, hidden by the grapes

Guest production

BulBul (A // rockishell)

Bulbul is an unconventional rock band with a penchant for eccentricity and experimentation. High energy and discreet craziness characterize their live performances - as well as their work in general. On "Silence!" the band takes a completely different approach. Similar to the previous album "It's like the earth is angry", here they celebrate the intensity of the steady drip, the slowness, the opening of space through pauses. Instead of looping what is played, loops are played and thus develop a life in the endless loop - which is normally only the hell of the same old thing. The sounds are given the space they need at the moment; if one becomes smaller, another can expand. The band, originally formed in Wels around Manfred Engelmayr, have approached the great, somewhat mysterious, literary-philosophical work of John Cage with "Silence!" in an unconcealed as well as blunt manner.

Macaque Revue (A // rockishell // pumpkin records)
In the thicket of autumnal fog, Bernd Heinrauch (Luxus, Studio Schwarzau) and Andreas Heller (Reflector) uninhibitedly distilled set pieces of their ingredients collected over years and top-secret preferences to an album with 13 tracks, which evoke moods of seemingly familiar, cinematic images. Whether instrumental or disco track, "beyond infinity" takes you into the timeless space of our emotional memory. In the midst of production, some of the material captured on VHS was additionally sung to by young soul punk singer Cooky aka Catrin Manoli. Macaque Revue is dark, glittering and alive.

hidden by the grapes (A // pumpkin records, wohnzimmer records)
hidden by the grapes is a trio hailing from graz, austria. the band is known to describe their style as post-everything while others would say they sound as if post-punk, 90s emo and noise rock were the best drinking buddies. fair enough.

hidden by the grapes are:
christian steiner (vocals, guitars)
richard kahlbacher (bass, vocals, accordion)
bernhard jammerbund (drums, vocals, synth)


BulBul, Macaque Revue, hidden by the grapes