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Širom + Eichamt

Guest production

Širom (Glitterbeat/Tak:til) is a Slovenian trio founded in 2015, consisting of Iztok Koren (banjo, bass drum, glockenspiel, balafon), Ana Kravanja (violin, viola, ribab, kalimba, bendir, balafon) and Samo Kutin (ukulele, kalimba, tamburica, harps, balafon, sound objects). Širom play lively structured interpetration of folk music. Fusing handmade and global instruments with fearless sound exploration, the results are not bound by tradition or geographic boundaries. Their work is known for fusing polyphony and psychedelic music with folk, classical and improvisational elements. Their first album was released in 2016.

Until his first release on GOD RECORDS, Michael Eisl (EICHAMT) had a long eclectic journey between different projects for theater, improvisation, sound art and sound installations. His first release presents him in his full abstract electronic mood, in his own words:
"Between analog experiments and obsessive-compulsive digital reworking there is constant need for recalibration."

Širom + Eichamt