Discourse 08.04.22, 6PM main room Entry: Free (Register for event)

Season Opening

Center for Security

Forum Stadtpark – Center for Security

Discuorse with Klaus Dörre, Barbara Fried and Melanie Brazzell
Music by Tony Renaissance and sowie


Postponed to spring due to the pandemic, the Centre for Security will have its first discursive and social condensation in April. The Centre for Security - Season Opening marks the start of the thematic focus with the aim of reframing the discourse about security. Following the international panel, Tony Renaissance and sowie provide a radically soft musical conclusion of the evening.

Curated by Markus Gönitzer, Robin Klengel and Miriam Schmid

Center for Security


Center for Security

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Reasons for the general insecurity
with Klaus Dörre

A feeling of diffuse insecurity has gripped people's hearts. Studies show that even before the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, virtually everyone in this society felt visibly precarious - even those who are well off. Where are the roots of the social insecurity that is shaping the emotional and political landscapes of our time? Who or what is actually in danger?


Ways out of the general insecurity
with Barbara Fried and Melanie Brazzell

What strategies are available to us as ways out of the general insecurity? What interpersonal and socio-political practices can we use to counter the real dangers of the present? As a first attempt to answer these questions, the panel will discuss the approaches of infrastructures of solidarity and transformative justice.


Concert: Tony Renaissance
Tony Renaissance (they/them), explores radical tender and queer utopias with sounds, vocals and imagery with an unmistakable love for experimental pop. Through their involvement with their own label Tender Matter, The Future concert series and the Sounds Queer? association, Tony is committed to strengthening queer artists* positions in the electronic music scene.


DJ Set: sowie
sowie has been a member of the bustling club collective GreyNote for some time now. In her DJ sets, she moves circularly and genre-fluidly around a 160bpm bass sounds centre.