Workshop 14.10.23, 10:00 - 18:00 Entry: Free

Power & Powerlessness of the Actors

Workshop: Evictions

FORUM STADTPARK – Fortress Ohnmacht, Facing Ohnmacht Lecture series June – November 2023

The discussion event “Housing and Ohnmacht” is the beginning of an intensified investigation of the questions in the form of a workshop. The workshop focuses on forced evictions and includes inputs from experts, followed by an open discussion on processes of displacement. It aims to examine asymmetrical property relations in light of the termination of rental contracts in Graz, and looks towards possibilities for collective action against displacement and Ohnmacht.

The workshop will be held in German. By Dr. Sarah Klosterkamp, Human Geographer and journalist.

02.06.2023: Patriarchy and Ohnmacht
13.10.2023: Housing and Ohnmacht
14.10.2023: Workshop: Evictions. Power & powerlessness of the involved actors
16.11.2023: Climate and Ohnmacht

Curated by:
Sara T. Huber und Rivka Saltiel

Graphic by: Haras Ananas

Workshop: Evictions

Our guests

Workshop: Evictions

About Dr. Sarah Klosterkamp

Sarah Klosterkamp is a journalist and human geographer who lives in Cologne, Germany. Her work focuses on the power of institutional stakeholders in the commercialisation of housing. Her current project, “Geographies of social inequality as demonstrated by forced evictions” (“Geographien sozialer Ungleichheit am Beispiel von Zwangsräumungen”) analyses the institutional practice of local courts in Germany, which make decisions on a daily basis on precarious forms of housing and evictions in large cities – often to the advantage of large, profit-oriented and financialised real estate companies.