Club 03.05.24, 23.00 - 06.00 Keller Eintritt: 10€

YUKU Label Night



GreyNote presents: YUKU Label Night
Entry Fee: presale tickets 10,00 €


TRAKA V/A SHOW || YUKU | Satellite Era || SRB, MNE
COIDO || YUKU | 20/20 || GER
Kumquat Tang || YUKU || CZE
oolongbru || YUKU || CZE

D:ENIGMA || VALE | antispace | GreyNote || AT
MASAE || GreyNote || AT
FYN || GreyNote || AT
KANFUN || GreyNote || ESP
PULP KITCHEN || GreyNote || AT

Visuals: TRAKA || SRB, MNE & FYN || AT
Design: TRAKA || SRB, MNE


Join us for an unforgettable night at Yuku's Label Night!

Come and be a part of an electrifying evening hosted by the Greynote Collective. Get ready to experience some pulsating beats and vibrant atmospheres as we present the YUKU Label Night. We are happy to showcase some of the most exciting names in the music scene, carefully curated to deliver an unforgettable auditory journey. From the highly anticipated A/V performance by TRAKA to the new Garage/UKBass wave producer COIDO. Alongside the YUKU founders Kumquat Tang & oolongbru and ourselves with a dancefloor orientated Greynote CrewClash. See ya there! :D

We do not tolerate Racism, Sexism, Homo- and Transphobia.
There will be an Awareness-Team offering support and supervision in case of any kind of assault and discriminating behavior.
Please be responsible and make sure that you are COVID-19 negative!

GreyNote hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, den Underground-Genres in der lokalen Szene mehr Aufmerksamkeit zu verschaffen.

GreyNote ist ein Kollektiv unabhängiger Künstler:innen mit Sitz in Graz. Gemeinsam schaffen wir Raum für zuvor ungehörte Klänge. Wir sehen es auch als unsere Aufgabe an, die Zeit und Gesellschaft, in der wir leben, zu reflektieren. Deshalb wollen wir das Bewusstsein für gesellschaftliche Probleme schärfen und die Musik als Werkzeug nutzen, um das Bewusstsein der Menschen zu verändern.




GREYNOTE | 3.5.2024
Forum Stadtpark

TRAKA || YUKU | Satellite Era || SRB, MNE

The Serbian-Montenegrin graffiti and production collective, consisting of four core members, is gaining more traction by the day. Their gritty, intense sound has taken the bass music scene by storm. Thanks to their flawless work pace, they released nearly 30 tracks on BlackTeeth, Satellite Era, SUDO Sound, and YUKU alone in 2023. And we have even more planned for 2024. TRAKA. will be releasing music with Incurzion Audio, Renraku Global, VALE, and others, some of which are already in the pipeline.


COIDO || YUKU | 20/20 || GER

Hailing from Berlin, from the surface COIDO may seem like a fresh face on
the scene, but he’s no stranger when it comes to complex, peak-time
dance music. Building his skillset from the underground scene in Rome, over the past 10
years COIDO has drawn heavy influence from UK bass and breakbeat,
along with Berlin’s dark techno aurora, where he immaculately blends the
two into a genreless sonic palette of his own.



GreyNote is a collective of independent artists based in Graz. Together we create space for unheard sounds. We also see it as our duty to reflect the times we are living in. Therefore, we want to raise awareness of the problems within our society and use music as a tool to change people’s minds.