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Skee Mask & Lara Fein




Skee Mask / Ilian Tape
Lara Fein
Interlude Crew

As one of the most singular DJs in the world, Skee Mask’s sets defy categorization and lead the listener on a cerebral and corporeal journey that’s course is charted only by the sonic thread he pulls through a vast array of styles. His studio output (released on Ilian Tape), comprises the rarest of materials cast in a shapeshifting mold, is incomparable and essential. His truly unique and seemingly esoteric approach has garnered him legions of fervent fans the world over, and his performances and releases the kind of hot anticipation rarely afforded to the like.

It took some time for Lara Fein to make it to the decks, but since then she rarely leaves them. Her genuine and deep passion for music from different eras and genres, heavily influenced by growing up in a family of musicians, has turned her into a passionate digger. While she privately seeks contemplation in collecting obscure Japanese Library Music, German Protoelectronic and Jazz in all its mindbending varieties, her Dancefloor Persona exists for the particular ecstatically feeling that only house sets can serve. Lara will take you on trips through past, present and future of this most influential electronic musicgenre, laced with energetic disruptions from the technoid part of the universe.