Club 19.04.24, 23:00 - 06:00 Eintritt: tba€

Synthetic Pleasures Label Night



Line Up:

Synthetic Pleasures Label Night

Midnight Climax (US)
(Synthetic Pleasures)

DJ Warzone (AT)
(Synthetic Pleasures/ PUPPY/ Loophole)

(Synthetic Pleasures/ Loophole)


DJ Vibekiller (Loophole) B2B Felix Roth (Violend Groove) (Vinyl Set)

Mittelohrentzündung (Loophole)

Das Kollektiv Loophole versucht schnellerer expermienteller Tanzmusik mehr Raum zu bieten und live Performances und Vinyl Sets mehr zu fördern.


Über das Line Up


Loophole | 19.4.2024

Midnight Climax is a DJ, Producer and Label head of Synthetic Pleasures from Richmond, United States. His music ranges from acid infused, fast paste Techno to dark and melancholic Trance. For the upcoming label night of Synthetic Pleasures (first time in Europe) he will perform a live hardware set.

DJ Warzone is a Viennese DJ, Producer and live performer, who been a regular staple on Synthetic Pleasures as well as the Loophole Event series. Musically you can never be quite sure what to expect. From hard-hitting, fast paste speed core live sets to House DJ sets, you are always in for a surprise.

DJ OSEPH is a DJ, Producer and live performer based in Graz, Austria. His music consists of hard-hitting kick drums, mixed with fast percussions and dark, mind bending acid baselines. After the release of his debut EP on Synthetic Pleasures he will return once more to Forum Stadtpark with a live hardware techno set.

DJ Vibekiller, one half of the Graz based techno duo Pech+Schwefel, and Felix Roth, founder of Violent Groove and half of the techno duo Violetta Telavia, will go B2B for the next Loophole instalment in a 2 hour vinyl set. Combining faster, uplifting house with repetitive, hypnotic hard groove techno, they played showes together in New York, Los Angeles and Graz.