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Exhibition opening

20 years Cooks of Grind

Guest production

Exhibition opening 20 years Cooks of Grind.

The Cooks of Grind are a men's cooking club. A collective of bad boys. Twelve in number (please no christological interpretation attempts!).

Those who know them know: they are not really, really evil, if they are, then only a little, and for the rest they only pretend to be. But they have dirty thoughts, impish wit, a big heart for art, an equal heart for the pleasure of provocation, no fear of letting things grow together that don't really belong together; a lot of joy in really hard electric guitar songs, an almost unquenchable joy in experimentation (paired with a pronounced longing to break taboos), a proper subculture gourmet need and an almost overflowing flow of creativity that has to be steered in the right direction - and all that for twenty years now!

It would be hard to find a more original reason for an exhibition, which is why the Cooks went through their darkest pantries to review not only their culinary work at Forum Stadtpark with the support of OchoReSotto and Patricia Wess.

Those who know the Cooks, however, will already be able to guess that there will be new surprises in store for their exhibition ...!

20 years Cooks of Grind