Discourse 12.03.24, 19:00 Entry: Free

Labour fight meets climate movement

Labour fight meets climate movement. On the occupation of an Italian car factory.

Lecture and discussion with Alieren Renkliöz.

It is the longest factory occupation in the history of Italy and, on a planet that is burning, a blueprint for a social and ecological response to the climate catastrophe: In the north of Florence, workers at automotive supplier GKN have been on strike for almost three years against the closure of their plant.

When the 422-strong workforce was made redundant in June 2021, the workers defied the security forces. The collective, which calls itself Insorgiamo, drew up an industrialisation plan to collectivise the factory.
An equity campaign is currently underway; the workers want to buy the factory and produce cargo bikes and solar panels as a co-operative instead of axle shafts for the automotive industry. To develop their ideas, they approached scientists and showed solidarity with the climate movement.

In December 2023, the Last Generation blocked a motorway in Rome in December 2023 to protest against the threatened eviction of the workers, and Fridays for Future is also fighting with the workers for jobs and the climate. The collective shows: "No one saves themselves alone."

Labour fight meets climate movement