Get-together 25.11.23, 17.00 Forum Stadtpark Entry: Free

Creative Resistance

Day against gender-based violence

In cooperation with F*Streik and the Solidarity Initiative for Earthquake Victims.

At the beginning of the 16 Days against Violence against Women, Lesbians, Inter-, Nonbinary and Trans Persons, we will deal with the different manifestations of gender-specific violence and how we can counter them.
In cooperation with F*Streik Graz and various other political initiatives, FORUM STADTPARK invites you to feminist-artistic workshops. In a total of four workshops, creative forms of resistance against different kinds of gender-based violence will be elaborated and then discussed together.

The event aims to draw attention to how complex and everyday gender-specific experiences of violence can be. The focus will be on concrete ways of dealing with it and how each individual can contribute to counteracting gender-specific violence in order to make collective strength and resistance tangible through joint confrontation!

The event will take place after the demonstration on the International Day against Violence against Women, Girls and Gender-variant Persons.


17:00 – 18:30: Kitchen for All by Solidarity Initiative for Earthquake Victims
18:30 – 20:30: various workshops
Ab 20:30: DJ-Set

Day against gender-based violence