Concert 11.07.19, 21:00 Keller Entry: freiwilliger Unkostenbeitrag€

Agnes Hvizdalek


Guest production

Agnes Hvizdalek is an improvisational musician. Her voice is her instrument. She grew up in Vienna and moved to Oslo in 2008. Her artistic collaborations span a wide range of musical genres and collaborations with other art forms. As a solo artist she performs her abstract vocal music on international festival stages.

By blocking out the sense of sight, a more pronounced acoustic, sometimes olfactory as well as haptic experience of the arts is created. In the lightless space, space is created for an (often unexpected) intensified perception of external stimuli and internal processes. these diverse sensations permeate one's own body, one's own thoughts, one's own feelings. In addition, many ritualized and familiar processes (such as applause) are unhinged and often present themselves differently than usual in the course of the performance. In a society that tries to illuminate the darkness as permanently as possible, this series offers the rare opportunity to experience darkness anew in an aesthetic context.

This text and the concept Darkroom are by five-seasons & Michael Bruckner