Opening 29.02.24, 19:00 - 22:00 Entry: Free


Exhibition Opening "Distant Memories"

Guest production

In addition to the advanced music programme and a stimulating discourse programme, the upcoming festival edition with Elevate Arts will once again bring contemporary art to public spaces and selected locations.

The art installation "While..." by Studio Brauneis / Sebastian Brauneis reflects the 20th anniversary of the Elevate Festival in a precise and accessible way. A videographic "Stream of Consciousness" with the title "While..." artistically reviews the past 20 years of the festival. This video is complemented by an art installation that emphasises the cultural influence of Elevate, and a collage of images called "Chrono Canvas" illustrates the last 20 years of the festival day by day. The installation "Distant Memories" at Forum Stadtpark shows these elements simultaneously on several screens, which can only be viewed from a distance, and is complemented by interactive posters in public spaces that invite participation in the cultural exchange of the festival.

Exhibition: February 29 - March 3
Opening hours from March 1 - March 3: 12:00 - 20:00

Exhibition Opening "Distant Memories"


Exhibition Opening "Distant Memories"

28.02.2024 - 03.03.2024 | GRAZ

In 2024, Elevate will celebrate its 20th festival edition. Together with you, we would like to celebrate this from 28 February to 3 March and once again transform the city of Graz into a hotspot for contemporary festival culture.

Acts and speakers confirmed so far:

Animistic Beliefs (NL) | aya (UK) | CCL (US) | CEM b2b MCMLXXXV (AT) | Colleen (FR) | DJ Krush (JP) | Hassan Abou Alam (EG) | Helena Hauff (DE) | Hudson Mohawke (US) | Iglooghost (UK) | Ikonika (UK) | Isabella Forciniti (AT) | Kenji Araki (AT) | Kode9 (UK) | Loraine James (UK) | mad miran (NL) | Manisdron (JP) | Maya Shenfeld (IL) | Memorials (UK) | Optokoppler (AT) | Pedro Maia (PT) | Petra Hermanova (CZ) | Proc Fiskal (UK) | Radian (AT) | Róisín Murphy (IE) | ROTOЯ - SONIC BODY (AT) | Ryoji Ikeda (JP) | Simo Cell (FR) | Zoë Mc Pherson (FR) + more TBA

At Elevate 2024, "Western Promises" is the thematic framework for an inspiring, diverse and thought-provoking festival experience with music, art and political discourse.

DISCOURSE: "Western Promises"
David Broder (UK) | Tanja Fachataler (AT) | Shoura Hashemi (AT) | Cesy Leonhard (DE)| Ben Knight (DE/UK) | Judith Kohlenberger (AT) | Geoff Mulgan (UK) | Milo Rau (CH) | Nick Srniceck (CA) | Johannes Siegmund (AT) + more TBA

Resident Advisor: