Installation 02.03.23 - 05.03.23, Opening: Thu, 02.03., 19:30, Opening hours: Fri-Sun, 03.-05.03., 16:00-20:00 main room Entry: Free

Elevate Festival 2023

Andreas Trobollowitsch - hybrid #1 - ⥀12

Guest production

hybrid #1 - ⥀12 is a sound installation consisting of six self-built mechanical record players, flutes and balloons by the Viennese artist Andreas Trobollowitsch. While the record players rotate at different speeds, the flutes attached to them are made to sound by the air flowing out of the balloons. The sound is modulated by the successively decreasing air pressure. Once the air has escaped from the balloons, the flutes also fall silent and only the sound of the empty rotating balloons can be heard.

One focus of Elevate Arts 2023 is the work of the Vienna-based artist and composer Andreas Trobollowitsch. He is represented at the festival with three installations. Trobollowitsch's artistic approach is conceptual and site-specific, often also playful and experimental. His compositions and sound installations are often based on self-developed or prepared musical instruments, modified everyday objects or changing aggregate states.

Interested in the dichotomy of the intellectual and the physical, he incorporates visual aspects, spatialities as well as movement and uses a playful practice that focuses on experimentation and timbre.

Andreas Trobollowitsch - hybrid #1 - ⥀12