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Radian, Isabella Forciniti & Manisdron

Guest production

This year, the Elevate Festival will once again serve as a platform for the local music scene. In addition to international guests, numerous local acts will entertain the crowd. Graz will be a lively playground for the most exciting new discoveries in our country. Flysch and seventeen eleven are the two latest live acts to be added to the programme.

Programme at Forum Stadtpark | 29.02.24

From 23:00 - Radian (AT)

There is hardly a better-known experimental band in this country. With Martin Brandlmayr on drums and electronics, Martin Siewert on guitar and electronics, and John Norman on bass, they are three of Vienna's independent scene's finest. Listening to the album "Distorted Rooms", released this year on Thrill Jockey, it becomes clear why. The wealth of tonal nuances and the dynamic, extremely precise playing of these three exceptional musicians are astonishing. With their new release, the three of them venture into more melodic, atmospheric realms than usual in a confident and serene manner.

From 00:00 - Isabella Forciniti (IT/AT)

The Vienna-based Italian musician and composer is considered one of the country's most outstanding modular synth artists. The signals she filters out of the device are restless and unconventional. It almost sounds as if they are living beings that are in constant dialogue with Forciniti. Full of tension, Forciniti's eccentric, experimental compositions move between the poles of control and loss of control, the sensuality of instinctive and the serenity of analytical listening.

From 01:00 - Manisdron (JP)

Manisdron is synonymous with Hi Energy. With his solo project, Japanese musician, producer and drummer Takafumi Okada delivers a rebellious, raw sound that sparks and sparkles. The techno-tribal drums played live by Okada with extreme precision move as if they were an organism. They sway upwards on spun-off acid synths and are combined with Japanese cyber vocals. Okada's releases on L.I.E.S. demonstrate a love of experimentation, consistency and uncompromisingness. And the whole thing is fun to listen to, by the way.

To the complete music programme of ELEVATE 2024 here.

Radian, Isabella Forciniti & Manisdron


Radian, Isabella Forciniti & Manisdron

28.02.2024 - 03.03.2024 | GRAZ

In 2024, Elevate will celebrate its 20th festival edition. Together with you, we would like to celebrate this from 28 February to 3 March and once again transform the city of Graz into a hotspot for contemporary festival culture.

Acts and speakers confirmed so far:

Animistic Beliefs (NL) | aya (UK) | CCL (US) | CEM b2b MCMLXXXV (AT) | Colleen (FR) | DJ Krush (JP) | Hassan Abou Alam (EG) | Helena Hauff (DE) | Hudson Mohawke (US) | Iglooghost (UK) | Ikonika (UK) | Isabella Forciniti (AT) | Kenji Araki (AT) | Kode9 (UK) | Loraine James (UK) | mad miran (NL) | Manisdron (JP) | Maya Shenfeld (IL) | Memorials (UK) | Optokoppler (AT) | Pedro Maia (PT) | Petra Hermanova (CZ) | Proc Fiskal (UK) | Radian (AT) | Róisín Murphy (IE) | ROTOЯ - SONIC BODY (AT) | Ryoji Ikeda (JP) | Simo Cell (FR) | Zoë Mc Pherson (FR) + more TBA

At Elevate 2024, "Western Promises" is the thematic framework for an inspiring, diverse and thought-provoking festival experience with music, art and political discourse.

DISCOURSE: "Western Promises"
David Broder (UK) | Tanja Fachataler (AT) | Shoura Hashemi (AT) | Cesy Leonhard (DE)| Ben Knight (DE/UK) | Judith Kohlenberger (AT) | Geoff Mulgan (UK) | Milo Rau (CH) | Nick Srniceck (CA) | Johannes Siegmund (AT) + more TBA

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