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Fingers of God

As of 2023 the new team of musicians, organizers and DJs Milès Borghese, Olgica Perić and Lain Iwakura will be in charge of the music program in Forum Stadtpark. In February they are launching Forum Klub - the new clubbing series in Forum Keller. Watch this space!

Fingers of God (Vienna)
Lain Iwakura
Milès Borghese

Fingers Of God is a Vienna-based DJ and musician. His music oscillates between atmospheric
soundscapes and club-oriented rhythms. He released music on labels such as Melbourne based
LKR Records (2017, 2020), Night Defined Recordings (2019) BÖSE Records (2020), Freakadelle
Records (2021) & Grid Records (2022).

He has performed at clubs and venues such as Unsafe & Sounds Festival 2017, Elevate Festival
2020, Hyperreality Festival 2021 & MENT Festival 2022.

Fingers of God