Club 31.03.23, 23:00 Forum Keller Entry: 8€

Forum Klub

#2 Jojo Vice, Konrad Wehrmeister, Jonas Friedlich

In 2023, the team consisting of musicians, organizers and DJs Milès Borghese, Olgica Perić and Lain Iwakura will take over the organization of the music program and the performance in the cellar of the Forum Stadtpark. This is the second edition of the new Forum Klub series.

Lineup A-Z

Jojo Vice ( München / Innsbruck )

Jonas Friedlich (Mistress Records / München)
Konrad Wehrmeister (Ilian Tape / München)

Konrad Wehrmeister (Ilian Tape / München)

JOJO VICE is an Innsbruck based DJ, who’s connected to the scene anywhere around Berlin, Munich and Austria. Her music is energetic, acidy and raw while she also shows love for some high-energy breaks and bleepy house, keeping it old- and new school with various genres and her love towards secondhand records.
Always keeping it underground.

Jonas Friedlich is a DJ, musician, producer and art teacher from Munich. He studied art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with a focus on video and sound installation. Besides a number of solo releases of experimental electronic dance music and his band project Carl Gari, he is always involved in various dance and theater productions. In over 10 years of DJ experience and several residencies in relevant Munich clubs, he has perfected his very eclectic style. In his sets he manages to mix Techno with HipHop, Ghettohouse with Drum&Bass or Footwork with Disco in a way as if they were created for each other.

Konrad Wehrmeister
From deftly saturated Dub to intimate studies in rhythmic noise, Konrad Wehrmeister has carved himself a curious niche in the landscape of electronic music. With contrasting releases the artist has built himself a solid platform for future experimentation.

Artwork by Anja Lekavski

#2 Jojo Vice, Konrad Wehrmeister, Jonas Friedlich