Club 09.12.22, 11 p.m. Forum Keller Entry: 8 € vor 24 Uhr ⎪ 10 € nach 24 Uhr€

I'm in Love with Kollektiv

Soli-Party für Megaphon w/ Kensaye (London)

Guest production

6 p.m.
Forum Küche with Megaphon

11 p.m.
Kensaye in Forum Keller

Inspired by his Haitian roots, London-based producer and DJ Kensaye fuses Afro-Caribbean rhythms with the sounds of hip hop and the energy of electronic music. IILW invites you to a tropical night in the basement of Forum Stadtpark.

Admission: 10 euros. Free admission for culture pass holders and megaphone sellers. The proceeds will go to Megaphon.

Soli-Party für Megaphon w/ Kensaye (London)