Installation 31.03.22 - 02.04.22, 4-7PM Main room Entry: Free

Lisa Horvath

5,97 x 10²⁴ kg or the mass of the world

Interactive installation and concert-performance

Concept / Text / Scenography / Visuals: Lisa Horvath
Music and performance: Kristin Gerwien
Music and interaction design: Valerio Zanini, Nick Acorne
Dramaturgy: Victoria Fux

A series of nested nightmares

5,97 x 10²⁴ kg is a try to embrace the complexity of the world.
The homeostatic state of the world seems disturbed and so we turn our nightmares into the material for an encounter with the cyborg earth, piercing the boundaries between micro and macro, between outside and inside, between nature and technology.
An interactive experiential installation by day, by night it becomes the setting and instrument for a concert performance by three insect-like creatures and a newborn android.

5,97 x 10²⁴ kg deals with the desire and failure to locate ourselves as individuals within the complex interrelationships and barely tangible dimensions of our world. It becomes a motor to approach the topographies, organisms, structures and interconnections of the world - from our own dynamic point of view, through the body, the senses, through our technological extensions, through deconstruction and reconstruction, but above all through imagination, naivety and curiosity.

Concert-Performance: 30.03. - 7:30PM // 31.03. - 10:00PM // 01.04. - 7:30PM // 02.04. - 7:30PM
Installation: 31.03. - 02.04.2022, from 4PM

In coproduction with La Strada Graz
Sponsored by Stadt Graz, Land Steiermark, Hessische Theaterakademie
Special thanks to FH Joanneum, Theater neben dem Turm Marburg


5,97 x 10²⁴ kg or the mass of the world