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manuskripte nr. 240

manuskripte: Ohnmacht

FORUM STADTPARK – Fortress Ohnmacht

Ohnmacht of all kinds - and how one can (hopefully!) free oneself from them - are the focus of manuskripte, edition nr. 240. The issue is characterized by the cooperation with Forum Stadtpark and its literary consultant Fiston Mwanza Mujila.
The Forum's annual theme is reflected both graphically, through the "Ohnmacht Fantasies" of Haras Ananas, and in the content: the opening chapter, for example, shows three different ways into the "Fortress Ohnmacht" - and out of it again. After all, this defensible prison, in which all too many believe themselves to be locked up in, view of the permanent crises of our present, may well turn out to be a castle in the air: "If you manage to live without power - powerlessness disappears like a ghost." (Ann Cotten)
In their own way, each of the following contributions disempowers the feeling of Ohnmacht. Those who write, act. And print media such as newspapers, books, or even literary magazines are awakened from their apparent Ohnmacht by opening them up, by reading them.

-Andreas Unterweger, publisher of manuskripte

The three authors Ilma Rakusa, Ann Cotten and Marie Gamillscheg will not only present the contents of this magazine's edition, but also discuss it thoroughly.
This way, you will get to hear three writers as well as three views on Ohnmacht.

In cooperation with FORUM STADTPARK, the magazine manuskripte is presenting its 240th edition. Conveniently, its main focus is Ohnmacht.

manuskripte: Ohnmacht

About the authors

manuskripte: Ohnmacht

Those who do not yet know about the three authors and their previous work, can find more information here.

Marie Gamillscheg

Marie Gamillscheg, born in Graz in 1992, works as a freelance writer and translator in Leipzig. For her debut novel "Alles was glänzt" (Luchterhand, 2018) she was awarded, among others, the debut prize of the Austrian Book Prize and nominated for the aspekte literature prize. In 2020, she adapted it for the stage with makemake productions (premiere Kosmos Theater Wien 2022). Her second novel, "Aufruhr der Meerestiere" (Luchterhand, 2022), was nominated for the 2022 German Book Prize and the 2023 Clemens Brentano Prize.

Ann Cotten

Ann Cotten,*1982, writer and translator. Publications (selection): "Foreign Dictionary Sonnets" (edition suhrkamp, 2007), "Verbannt" (edition suhrkamp, 2016), "Jikiketsugaki. Tsurezuregusa" (Verlag Peter Engstler, 2017), "Fast Dumm" (starfruit press, 2017), "Was Geht" (Sonderzahl 2018), "Lyophilia" (Suhrkamp 2019). Currently working on a PhD project at the Peter Szondi Institute for General and Comparative Literature in Berlin, for which she received a grant from IFK Vienna and spent half a year researching in Hawaiʻi. In March 2023, she published "Die Anleitungen der Vorfahren" (edition suhrkamp).

Ilma Rakus

Ilma Rakusa, born in 1946, lives as an author and translator in Zurich. She received, among others, the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize in 2003, the Swiss Book Prize in 2009, and the Kleist Prize in 2019. Latest publications: Gedankenspiel über die Eleganz (Droschl, 2021), FRÜHLING. Corona with Hölderlin (Edition Thanhäuser, 2022) and Kein Tag ohne (Gedichte; Droschl, 2022).